Classes offered by faculty of Nano-Optics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratory

MIC501 Micro/Nano Processing Technology

Instructor: Dr. Clara Dimas
Pre-requisites: Permission from Instructor
Next time offered:  Fall 2013

Brief Description:

This course covers the theory of fabrication processing common to several types of semiconductor devices. In addition to also examining alternative and advanced processing methods, case studies of microelectronic, photonic and MEMS devices will be discussed in the context of processing advancements, challenges, and validation. The lab portion of the course involved three lab modules dedicated to fabrication and testing three distinct devices so students get hands-on experience on some of the processes covered in class.

Lecture schedule, by week:

Week 1: Introduction and Scope: The principles of Microfabrication / Thin Film Processing is key to designing, fabricating and characterizing semiconductor devices for integrated circuits, MEMS, and photonics
Week 2: Oxidation
Week 3: Diffusion/Implantation/Annealing
Week 4: Vacuum Systems
Week 5: Chemical Vapor Deposition
Week 6: Physical Vapor Deposition
Week 7: Mid-Term Exam
Week 8: Mid-Term Break
Week 9: Lithography
Week 10: Etching (Wet)
Week 11: Etching (Dry)
Week 12: Lab Report Presentation
Week 13: Advanced MOS Technology
Week 14: Photonic Device Fabrication
Week 15: MEMS / NEMS Processing
Week 16: Final Exam

Course Grading:
  • 20% Homework/ Quizes
  • 20% Exams
  • 30% Project
  • 30% Final exam

Out-of class assignments
  • Ten homework assignments, each due at the end of the week following its assignment date.
  • A theoretical and numerical simulation project assigned at the middle of the semester and due the last week of classes.

Course Materials
Textbooks Recommended Readings
  • Taur, Y., et. al., Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices, ISBN: 978-0521832946, 2009
  • Liu, C., Foundations of MEMS, ISBN: 978-0131472860, 2011
  • Campbell, S.A., The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication, ISBN: 978-0195136050, 2001
  • Nishi, Y., et al., Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, ISBN: 978-1574446753, 2007
  • Schroder, D.K., Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization, ISBN: 978-0471739067, 2006
  • Ohring, M., The Materials Science of Thin Films, ISBN: 9780125249751, 2001